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Anonymous: Confession about Jesy: I used to love what Jesy wore back in 2012 but now she dresses so inappropriately. What she wore at the Glamour awards was just utterly disgusting, they have little-aged fans!
Anonymous: Pisses me off when they don't smile in photos; mostly Leigh and Jesy. Life is not a photoshoot. If you're at a red carpet and the others are smiling, fucking smile. Leigh's face especially bothered me at the TIU premiere. Disgusting. And Perrie needs to smile with her teeth more. Without them her cheekbones looks too pointy and it's weird. They're all so unbelievably fake.
Anonymous: Confession: I like 1D and LM, but vocally Little Mix are so much stronger and advanced, their third album is going to slay
Anonymous: I prefer the Neon Lights Tour outfits over the Salute Tour outfits.
Anonymous: Ugh! I'm so tired of people hating and saying bad things about Perrie! She deserves NONE of the hate she gets. She needs and deserves more love, admiration, and respect, both as an artist and a person. She is very talented, and has a great voice. She is also a very sweet and kind person who loves her fans. She is also optimistic and funny, and doesn't care about what people think of her. I hope to meet the wonderful Perrie. We need more ppl like her. You ppl are just jealous she's with Zayn.
Anonymous: Could you please make the confessions easier to read? Xx

Those ones that you can’t really see is the co’owner that makes them, but i’ll let her know (: no worries

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