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Anonymous: I really don't like Leigh Annes hair now. It was cuter when she had the full curly Afro like when they performed Move on the X Factor. Now it's small and poofy.
Anonymous: Get well x

Thank you so much love! I’m slowly getting better; I’ll be out of recovery next week. :)

Send in your confessions!
I’m posting now. Xx

I am sooo sorry everyone! :(

I am so sorry I haven’t posted, I completely forgot to make a post as to why I won’t be able to post/make confessions, ugh!
I had surgery about 2 days ago and it’ll take about a whole week for me to recover, according to the doctors. I’m sorry I didn’t tell any of you guys about it, I swear I was, but I guess I lost track of time and forgot. :( As I said, it’ll take up to a week to recover, but I’ll try to make as much confessions as I can today, although I am still very dizzy and light-headed! :) I’m sorry for all of this but I hope you understand. Xx


Anonymous: You never post my confessions :(

no no babe! i post all of them, I’m just  a bit busy at the moment that I haven’t been posting! & I have no idea where the co-owner is but I’ll message her so she can make a few (: no worries, i’ll get on very soon, maybe like in a week or so! x 

Anonymous: Confession about Jesy: I used to love what Jesy wore back in 2012 but now she dresses so inappropriately. What she wore at the Glamour awards was just utterly disgusting, they have little-aged fans!
Anonymous: Pisses me off when they don't smile in photos; mostly Leigh and Jesy. Life is not a photoshoot. If you're at a red carpet and the others are smiling, fucking smile. Leigh's face especially bothered me at the TIU premiere. Disgusting. And Perrie needs to smile with her teeth more. Without them her cheekbones looks too pointy and it's weird. They're all so unbelievably fake.
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