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Anonymous: I love the girls so much. I was huge mixer then and still am. But when they first came out with Move, I was afraid because I knew it was so much different than the first album. I know they're not teenagers anymore, I only wish they wouldn't have changed so much. I love the Salute album, don't get me wrong. I'm afraid how they'll be after the third album but I am excited.
Anonymous: Little Mix haven't been "screwed over" by their US label, it's just that nobody wants them over there. Ask Americans, 95% don't even know who the hell they are.
Anonymous: Truth be told these hair color change posts on instagram were fake. I mean why should all the lm girls post and then delete it? Their colourful hair time is over. It makes me sad but it's the truth.
Anonymous: Everyone's acting like a feminist, but when it comes to pr stunts, the girl is the one that gets hated. I don't understand, you think Zerrie is fake, yet you only hate on Perrie, get your shit together people.
Anonymous: C: Some people need to get over their damn selves, not smiling in a picture does not make you fake, they don't choose poses, maybe they're just insecure about their smiles? Calm down.
Anonymous: Jesy is looking very slutty in this year. Yes, she has very nice boobs and legs but she has no ass and her thighs is very crummy. She will look so sexy if she would cover it. + her make up is awful, especially lips. She has small, cute lips but now she is doing her lipstick like she is blind or smth. And this is coming from a mixer since x factor.
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