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Anonymous: Jesy is looking very slutty in this year. Yes, she has very nice boobs and legs but she has no ass and her thighs is very crummy. She will look so sexy if she would cover it. + her make up is awful, especially lips. She has small, cute lips but now she is doing her lipstick like she is blind or smth. And this is coming from a mixer since x factor.
Anonymous: Jesys body is so overrated! She is so so SO curvy and bc that she shouldn't wear clothes like she is wearing recently. She looks slutty and fat. Also she has no butt to show. And this is coming from the mixer since xfactor
Anonymous: I hate how everyone's sticking their nose in with perrie and zayn's relationship, who really cares if it's fake or not, its their life not yours so it's none of your business
Anonymous: Little mix is all about trying to make us feel good about ourselves and our insecurities, but some of these confessions re disgusting, if you read some of these confessions to the girls, you would NEVER say them to anyone in person.
Anonymous: i feel like everyone only acknowledges jesy nowadays just bc of her body and boobs like shes more than that 😒
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